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"Mike is a friendly and professional guy that will tell you what can and cant be done. He has a fantastic knowledge of how to promote a business and has often given me good and sound advice on how to promote my own business without charging a red cent, as well as giving excellent service when I have needed to employ his services...... In summary EVERY professional needs a Mike Mitchell to promote , advertise and present their business, be it by printed matter web hosting, seo (search engine optimisation) or just good honest advice then Mike is the bees Knees. I would recommend Mike and EMP without any hesitation or reservation to anyone building or maintaining a business of their own. Robert Watson

"Outstanding Results"

"A very special person who understands the challenges of each situation, bringing his skills and experience in marketing and SEO to resolve them, getting outstanding results in a relatively short space of time." - Mark Hilsden


"Michael is a personable client within the company I work. He is a pleasure to know and is always happy to listen to what is suggested. He is a friend, mentor and client, and it is always a pleasure to give the best service.-Laura Thomas

"Exceptional Results"

"I am pleased to recommend Mike and his team for the success he has bought us on Google, to date we have 66 keywords on page 1 and to say I am impressed is an understatement. In a word brilliant! -Kevin Watson

"Fantastic service"

"Our skip hire company has achieved over 44 keywords on page 1 of Google..in fact with Mikes help and expertise we had initially 12 keywords on Page 1 in less than 10 days. Fantastic service". RW CS

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